In today’s competitive market it is of utmost importance to get the best people at the right price to do the job you require. With TenderForMe it makes this a painless and easy process to follow. TenderForMe allows service providers to register on the site and then let’s the prospective client input the parameters for the job to be completed and all service providers with the relevant skills will be contacted and asked if they want to tender for this job. All those willing to tender will do so at a minimal fee and the prospective client will receive quotes back from these companies or individuals who are willing to render the service. The prospective client will then be afforded the chance to compare the quotes and decide on which service providers he would like to be placed into contact with. At this stage only, will email addresses be given to both parties, to contact each other, as TenderForMe believes firmly in a client’s privacy and will not give out your details to any third party and as such do not even store address and telephone details.

For suppliers there is the added benefit of not having to actively having to market themselves as much and having work requests coming to them. It also creates a healthy, competitive marketplace where start-ups are more likely to get a foothold in the marketplace and build a name and brand for themselves. It also supplies a bit in the form of a Business Intelligence (BI) report as to what the winning tender did to win the tender and as such you can see where you need to align your services and fees to for industry standard.

About Company

TFMSA was established with the belief that any person can and should get the best price for any product or service. Striving to change the way we do business by allowing private citizens to ask for quotes on a global platform thereby allowing a better stage for service providers big and small to compete anonymously right up until the moment the client decides who he wants to go with. Join us for true #freedomofchoice.

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